November 2021 Premiere AFTERLIFE November 4, 2021, Basel, Switzerland. Further performances on November 5th and 6th, 2021  BUY TICKETS HERE

October 2021 Premiere Interdisciplinary Opening Production of the “Alte Reithalle” of Bühne Aarau, Switzerland,

September 2021  AFTERLIFE at ROXY Birsfelden, Basel, 20:00 as part of the Triangle Meeting

August 2021: Tom celebrates Premiere at Alpentöne Festival, Altdorf, Switzerland

July 2021 Exhibit of Photos and Videos of our 100% Basel Pop-up Events at Chemiserie, a Basel second-hand fashion store

Mai 2021 Live music and dance 100% Basel Pop-up Even on the Rhein with Mezzo-soprano Georgia Knower and Dancer Aline Serrano

February 2021 Live and digital pop-up Events at “zur Wand” by lInterview with Tom und Lillian here.


2020 As part of a Director/Choreographer collective we created ALIVE.SAISONSCHLUSS-20, a production for Corona times at Theater Lübeck initiated by the innovative Opera Director Dr. Katharina Kost-Tolmein.

2020 #DISTANCERAVE livened up isolation. Train tracks, living rooms, fields, riverbanks, playgrounds and the line at bakery became our personal dance floors.

2020 Tom directed JUNGLE at Theater Luzerne, the world’s first Brass Opera. Photos

2020 Lillian worked in Denmark for the first time, realizing a long-term wish to integrate movement and opera singing as closely as possible in Monteverdi’s ORPHEUS at the Royal Danish Opera. Opernwelt Magazine called it a production of “European ranking.”

2020 Tom’s 30-year collaboration with the famous clown duo Ursus & Nadeschkin was celebrated in the documentary “Stopping Would be Easy: Ursus & Nadeschkin” on SRF TV in Switzerland.

2020 Three of Tom’s premieres were cancelled due to COVID.

2020 SNOW productions was founded.  Research for AFTERLIFE began as Artist-in-Residence at Braswell Art Center in Basel. Collaboration with Basel DJ Duo Schwifi began.


2019 Lillian returned to the Twin Cities, MN, USA for a three-month sabbatical. She was a guest lecturer at her alma mater, the University of Minnesota Dance Program, taught at St. Olaf College and TU Dance Company and School, and re-connected to many artists, dance-makers, presenters, colleagues, family and friends.

2019 Tom directed the Swiss Dance Awards in Fribourg and was a guest lecturer at the University of the Arts in Bern, Switzerland (HdKB).

2019  Lillian hosted Dance Jams Dance Jams in Berlin and Basel to research how individual expression emerges out of rhythmic mass movement and commissioned a track from Swiss electronic music producer Gaspard de la Montagne.

2019 CORO FANTASTICO , Theater Heidelberg. We created a new, immersive evening to highlight the opera chorus. Performances played on two stages simultaneously and feature a surprise when 250 people from the audience face the other half , allowing the audience to directly participate in the performance.


2018 Lillian was commissioned by the Philharmonie Luxembourg to create SILBERLICHT , a dance duet featuring Ensemble Diderot from Paris. The premiere in 2019 featureed classically trained contemporary dancers interacting with the baroque musicians in a magical landscape of light.

2018 LAZARUS , Theater Bremen. Performances of the David Bowie musical run for three years.

2018 Tom began work on the three-year production EXCLUSIVE FOR EVERYONE at Theater Basel, a large-scale performance featuring lay people from Basel in their performance of dance, poetry, drawing, music, theater, stage fighting and singing. He was supported by a team of local workshop leaders and designers across the disciplines.


2017 Tom was a guest professor at the Hamburg University for the Arts (HfMT), coaching young opera directors in the creation of their third-year productions.

2017 The idea for SNOW productions was born.

2017 Lillian worked in Austria for the first time at Opera Graz. Her “War Carousel” choreography which opens the second act of THE TROUBADOR to a rhythmic soundscape of anvils, was received with both boos and praise.

2017 MASS , Theater Lübeck. Opera Director Katharina Kost-Tolmein had the vision to program Bernstein’s massive production before the rest of the German-speaking theater world catches on to the idea. Our production featured classical ballet dancers, opera, blues, musical and rock singers, choruses, children and a full classical orchestra plus a blues band and a rock band in a cast of over 200 . Performances played sold-out for two years.

2017 Lillian was a Guest Choreographer at Choreolab Europe, Basel. Her workshop for professionals explored compositional methods for choreography from an interdisciplinary perspective. Together with Tom and musician Martin O. they offered improvisation methods that simultaneously called on musical, acting and dancing skills.


2014 – 2016 Tom’s THE ABDUCTION FROM THE SERAGLIO celebrated its premiere in Fribourg, Switzerland before traveling to Lausanne and Toulouse, Tours and Toulon, France. Tom performed as Bassa Selim, stepping on stage as an actor for the first time since 1996.

2016 JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR , Theater Basel played 30 sold-out performances. Contemporary dancers from the Basel region, the opera chorus, young singers from Basel's Gospel am Münster chorus and top-class musical performers are seamlessly integrated . Tom was nominated for Best Stage Direction, Lillian for Best Choreography and the entire team for Best Production of the year by Musicals Magazine. Applause for director Tom Ryser for making the rock-opera Jesus Christ Superstar relevant in our time and mercilessly pimping up its feminist content. – Neue Zürcher Zeitung


2015 KISS ME KATE, Staatstheater Kassel. Lillian choreographed for her former dance company. The dance marathon Too Darned Hot features dancers, chorus, extras and soloists , one of whom was Pat, a 73 year-old former ballet dancer. Tom put the cherry on the top with slapstick.

2015 THE FAIRY QUEEN , Theater Lübeck. A new, interdisciplinary version features actors, singers, contemporary dancers, opera chorus and children in a radical re-imagining of the Purcell semi-opera . Sold-out performances played for 3 years.


2014 LA FINTA GIARDINIERA, Saarländisches Staatstheater Saarbrücken featured an orchestra on a rotating stage and a tribe of kids. For the first time, Lillian and Tom make a dance piece out of an opera .

2014 Lillian choreographed the witches in MACBETH, provoking lust, disgust and voyuristic curiosity at Staatstheater Kassel.


2013 Tom created OPERATION ORCHESTRA, an immersive opera without singers based on Mozart’s The Magic Flute in the industrial building that houses the Cultural Cathedral St. Ingbert for the Saarländisches Staatstheater Saarbrücken.

2013 FAME, Theater Basel with a cast of musical performers and young dancers and actors from Basel . Sold-out for over 30 performances.

2013 EVITA celebrated a widely successful premiere at the Staatstheater Kassel, poetically re-imagining Eva Perón’s rise to power poetically re-imagining Eva Perón’s rise to power as a transformation into the black swan .


2012 Lillian retired from her 15-year professional dance career. Rehearsals began for our first production together, EVITA, with designers Silvia Merlo & Ulf Stengl, costume designer Uta Meenen and conductor Yoel Gamzou