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What happens when we suddenly lose a beloved person?
Is there life after death for those left behind?

These questions have only become more urgent since the Pandemic has brought death closer. AFTERLIFE responds to them with an immersive dance and live-DJ performance that unfolds in a club.

What are our modern rituals for confronting death? The pulse of electronic music in the club has replaced ancient drums as a propelling force catapulting us into collective transcendent experiences. Dancers find themselves in liminal spaces in which inexplicable and transgressive emotions can be released.  In a time of maximum vulnerability, the club is a place where we can grieve without guilt and feel the pulse of life continuing.

Based on real events, AFTERLIFE is about the spark that connects equals, the stamina and risk of love, and how everything can change in an instant. AFTERLIFE is a dance to exhaustion for a Happy End that never comes.

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TEASER: From Research Residency

A SNOW Production
By: Lillian Stillwell
With: Tom Ryser

Dance: Aline Serrano & Mukdanin Phongpachith
Music: DJ Duo Schwifi, Gaspard de la Montagne, Randomhype
Dramaturgy: Anne Schöfer

Rehearsal Direction: Stefanie Fischer


Premiere: November 4, 2021, Further Performances November 5 & 6 November,  Basel, Schweiz
The immersive performance will take place in, on and around Basel’s most exciting new performance venue.

September 11, 2021: ROXY Birsfelden, Basel, 20:00. 20-minute Excerpt of AFTERLIFE will be shown as part of the Triangle Meeting of the dance communities in Switzerland, France and Germany. 

April 2021: Live and Digital Events @ zur Wand, Basel

November 2021 & Januar 2021: Research Rehearsals @ Basel-Stadt funded Erlenmatt Studios, Basel and ROXY Birsfelden

November 2020: Research, Artist-in Residence, Dampfzentrale Bern, Switzerland
Open Showing VIA LIVE STREAM November 27th, 18:00
Curious about how a dance production is created? Watch excerpts of rehearsal here.

January 2020:  Research, Artist-in-Residence, Braswell Art Center, Basel, Switzerland
Teaser from January 2020 Research Period with dancers Sophie Vergeres & David Lagerqvist


Click here to read more about the Creative Team Lillian Stillwell & Tom Ryser

DANCER Aline Serrano is a contemporary dancer currently living in Basel, Switzerland.  She trained at Ballettschule Theater Basel, Staatliche Balletschule Berlin, Codarts and SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance.  In 2016/ 17 she danced in Israel at Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company where she also presented two choreographic works. As a freelance dancer she has worked with numerous choreographers including Alessandro Schiattarella, with whom she toured to Croatia, South Africa, Germany and throughout Switzerland.  In the summers of 2018 & 2019 she co-founded the dansfestival ARE YOU KID-ING in Falun, Sweden where she performed and gave workshops. In 2019 her solo “Symbiose der Parasiten” premiered at the Jugend Kultur Festival in Basel. In 2020 she danced at Theater Basel in the recent production of Simon McBurney’s “The Magic Flute.” Aline teaches classical ballet for adults and is studying to become a Naturopath with a specialty in traditional European medicine.

DANCER Muk aka Mukdanin D. Phongpachith is a mover, maker and martial artist. His roots lie in Taekwondo. With a backpack full of fighting and form competitions, he finds challenges in expressing his inner emotions. He studied “Physical Theatre” at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany. He has had the opportunity to participate in both international (Chile, China and Ethiopia) and national (Theater Basel, Käfigturm Bern and University of Basel) art projects. There he was either employed as a performer, actor, dancer or in a leading position as choreographer, director or workshop leader. He lives in Basel, Switzerland.

The Dj Duo Schwifi is comprised of two women from Basel, Ada Fischer and Sophia Schwager, who have been active in the Basel music and culture scene for over three years. Their DJ sets move within a broad spectrum of electronic music styles, especially those with a great beat and with a lot of bass. Not only a common passion for music but also a passion for movement connects the two. They met over 10 years ago when they toured through Switzerland together with a youth circus. With AFTERLIFE they are able to connect these two passions in a new context. Their DJ sets can be heard regularly at Basel venues such as Humbug, Kaserne or smaller locations like Nebel or 1. Stock.

Anne Schöfer, DRAMATURG, lebt in Basel. Sie studierte in Berlin und Amsterdam Theaterwissenschaft und Kulturmanagement und war bei zwei Ausgaben von Theater der Welt Festivals in der Leitung beteiligt. 1996 wurde sie als Schauspieldramaturgin am Theater Basel engagiert und arbeitete anschliessend am Schauspiel Leipzig. Als Sprachcoach für Deutsch unterstützte sie Theatergroep Hollandia unter der Leitung von Johan Simons bei verschiedenen Festivalauftritten im deutschsprachigen Raum. Sie war als Kommunikationsleiterin beim Internationalen Tanzfestival STEPS #8 tätig. 2003 bis 2017 leitete sie das Ressort kulturelles in Schulen ( in der Kulturverwaltung BL. Seither arbeitet sie in ausgewählten, spartenübergreifenden performativen Projekten mit.

PROBELEITERIN Stefanie Fischer studierte an der Tanz Akademie Zürich, während ihrer Ausbildung erhielt sie drei Jahre in Folge den Migros Tanz Studienpreis, sowie 2005, den ersten Platz beim Prix de Solothurn. Direkt nach ihrem Abschluss tanzte sie sechs Jahre beim Ballett Kiel, 2012 wurde sie Freischaffend, und war unter anderem als Gast beim Theater Lüneburg, und beim Cathy Sharp Dance Ensemble, in Basel tätig. Sie war Mitgründerin des Collective Bufo Makmal in Basel, sowie dem ConFusionArt Collective in St. Gallen.Von 2015 bis 2020 tanzte sie am Konzert und Theater St. Gallen, nebenbei unterrichtet sie regelmässig die Tanzkompanie, und in der Theatertanzschule in St. Gallen. Ballett und Contemporary unterrichtet sie als Gast beim Profitraining Basel sowie beim Ballett der Oper Graz. Seit dem Sommer studiert sie an der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, den Master, Teaching and Coaching professional Dancers.


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