SNOW covers everything it touches. SNOW transforms surfaces. SNOW is a building material. SNOW can keep you warm. SNOW and ice contain 75% of the world’s fresh water. SNOWflakes always have six sides. SNOWflakes can be identical. SNOW absorbs sound. SNOW cannot be controlled.
No SNOWflake has ever landed in the wrong place.



About us

SNOW productions are about fate, coincidence, the unexpected and the invisible.  SNOW was established in Basel, Switzerland in 2020 for the creation, development and distribution of independent dance, theater and music productions by Choreographer Lillian...
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January & May 2020 Artist-in-Residence, Braswell Arts Center, Basel, Switzerland | May 29, 2020, 20:00 Open Showing, AFTERLIFE with DJ Duo Schwifi and local „invisible dancers,“ Braswell Arts Center | March 2021 Premiere AFTERLIFE, Basel,...
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Lillian Stillwell

Lillian Stillwell has worked as a dancer and choreographer throughout Europe since 2007 where her work has been seen in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Luxembourg and Poland. Interdisciplinary productions and collaborations with musicians and composers...
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Tom Ryser

Tom Ryser was born in Basel, trained as an actor and has worked as a freelance actor, director, choreographer and writer since 1992 throughout Europe, in Africa and in the USA. He directs across the...
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