SNOW productions are about fate, coincidence, the unexpected and the invisible. 

SNOW was established in Basel, Switzerland in 2020 for the creation, development and distribution of independent dance, theater and music productions by Choreographer Lillian Stillwell (USA) and Director Tom Ryser (CH). Their interdisciplinary work has been seen at opera houses throughout Europe since 2013, often bringing together dancers, singers, actors, choruses, musicians and lay people in casts of over 100 people.

SNOW turns its attention to the creation of intimate works, innovative formats and alternative settings for live dance and music performance. The first is AFTERLIFE: Dancing the Club, which will premiere in Basel in 2021 with further performances in Switzerland and the USA. SNOW is a registered Swiss Verein.

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SNOW covers everything it touches. SNOW transforms surfaces. SNOW is a building material. SNOW can keep you warm. SNOW absorbs sound. SNOW cannot be controlled. SNOW and ice contain 75% of the world’s fresh water. SNOWflakes always have six sides. SNOWflakes can be identical. No SNOWflake has ever landed in the wrong place.